About Us

Wilgo is a ridesharing service based out of Alabama. It was established in 2020. The company was created to offer the ease and comfort of a traveling to and/or from destinations to all customers. Wilgo cares about people's comfort, trust, and safety. The company's drivers offer a good rapport with passengers, and they will try their absolute best to get you to your destination on time and safely.

The idea of starting this company derived from Wilgo's CEO (Wiltrey Sanders) witnessing disabled veterans struggle to find a ridesharing company that had large, comfortable vehicles that could accommodate a wheelchair. He wanted to make this less of a struggle for them. Some people have to traveling past state lines to see specialists or physician to provide the best care available. Wilgo offers rides to/from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana in roomy, comfortable vans. Also, passengers are not restricted by state lines or certain mileage (though this is at the discretion of the company).

When Wiltrey finally decided to launch Wilgo, he decided to not restrict services to veterans only. He realized that people like to travel in groups. Why book rides with multiple cars/drivers, when a group can enjoy a ride together. Wilgo's 12 passenger vans make this possible, comfortably. With the ease of booking online or via the app, catching a comfy ride via a Wilgo vehicle is simple. Whether it's a ride to/from the airport, to a VA appointment, or to a special event, Wilgo "will go" to great lengths to get you there comfortably, promptly, and most of all, safely!

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