What kind of vehicles are available for transport at Wilgo?

Wilgo is equipped with the following vehicle types:

  • 2018 Ford Transit 350 XLT (medium wheelbase). This is a 15-passenger medium sized van with a medium roof.
  • 2020 Ford Transit 350 XLT HD (long wheelbase). This is a 15-passenger medium sized van with a high roof.

What the minimum number of passengers allowed at once?

2 passengers is the minimum number of passengers suggested at once. This is subject to change at the company's discretion.

What is the maximum number of passengers allowed at once?

Wilgo will only be allowing a maximum amount of 12 passengers at this time.

What is the minimum and maximum number of miles (one way) is Wilgo willing to drive for the customers/passengers?

Travels are not based on miles. Currently we base the travels on locations and destinations. The company's travel locations and destinations include Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Louisiana.

What are the forms of payment that Wilgo accepts?

Wilgo takes most major credit cards and debit cards as forms of payment. Due to Wilgo's safety protocols, cash is not an accepted form of payment (unless approved by Wilgo's owner/CEO). However, cash can be used when tipping the drivers.

Are tips allowed?


Are refunds issued under any circumstances? How are refunds issues?

Yes. Depending on the reason for the refund, refunds are usually issued between 5-7 days.

Are car seats and/or booster seats mandatory for small children passengers?

Alabama Law: Children under the age of 6 to be restrained in an appropriate, federally approved car seat or booster seat. Rear-facing car seats are required until at least age 1 and at least 20 pounds.

Mississippi Law: Children Under Two Years Old-Children under two must travel in rear-facing only seats or convertible seats; these may only be placed in the back seat.
Children Under Four Years Old-They must be secured in a properly installed child passenger restraint device or system meeting applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards.
Children Under Seven Years Old-A child who is at least four years old but under seven are required to use booster seats, also known as a shoulder positioning device. A child who is at least 65 pounds or at least four-feet, nine-inches tall is not required to wear a booster seat.

Georgia Law: According to Georgia law- ALL children under the age of 8 whose height is less than 57 inches must ride in the backseat of a car. Children under the age of 8 are required to be in either a car seat or a booster seat suitable for their age and height.

Does Wilgo provide car seats and/or booster seats for infants and small children?

Yes. Wilgo provides up to 2 car seats per vehicle for infants and small children. Wilgo prefers that the customers come prepared by bringing their own. Parents/Guardians are expected to properly install the car seat and place the child in the car seat according to safety guidelines and instructions provided with the car seat. Wilgo is not responsible for any damaged or broken car seats. Please let it be known, at the time of booking, if you will need a car seat for your trip. Otherwise, Wilgo will not have the car seat available on hand.

Are passengers allowed to smoke or drink in Wilgo vehicles?

No, unless given permission

Why is Wilgo a great choice for transportation services?

Wilgo has affordable rates. We also have vehicles that allow for comfortable spacing for a group of people. The passenger vans have medium to high roofs so that passengers can stand in the vehicle with easy in & out accessibility. The vehicles are great for tall athletes who range from average to above average height. Wilgo's vans' roofs allows for maximum heights ranging between 5'10 to 6'5.

How soon in advance should I book in order to reserve a vehicle/ride?

Wilgo asks that you book your ride/vehicle, for long trips, at least 3-5 days in advance. This allows for Wilgo to check the availability of vans. For normal trips, a few hours in advance will suffice. Wilgo works on a first come, first serve basis.

How early does Wilgo prefer a customer arrive at the airport for a flight?

2 and half hours to 3 hours for all flights (domestic and international) should suffice. Time zones are taken into consideration regarding pick-up and drop off times.

What if I lose/misplace an item as a passenger in one of Wilgo's vans/vehicles?

If the lost item is eventually found, the driver will report it to our lost and found department and check the item in to that department. If you feel that you have lost/misplaced an item, please call (205) 722-6186 ext. 101 and leave a message describing the lost/misplaced item. We will get back to you concerning the lost and found matter at our earliest convenience.

Does Wilgo disinfect the vans/vehicles between all rides?

Yes. We disinfect the vehicles, inside and out, at the start of the beginning of the day, in between all rides, and at the end of the day.

Do the riders/passengers have to wear seatbelts?

Absolutely, yes. All riders/passengers must follow state laws regarding seatbelts.

Does Wilgo allow pets to ride along with the passengers/customers?

No. Only service dogs are allowed to ride along with the passengers/customers. Proper documentation must be provided.